Human Resources- Benefits

“Dr Piller appreciates his clients and community and is very supportive and involved. He gives back and promotes involvement for his clients and community. He takes time to have informal Q&A and setting up appointments when visiting our schools. During this time he promotes what chiropractic can do for you by providing information and dispelling the myths. He is up front and honest about what chiropractic is able to do, as he supports our wellness initiative. Dr. Piller’s office works closely with Blue Cross Blue Shield to ensure proper billing and processing of benefits. They put together a treatment plan and it includes a concise listing of visits,/procedures/ and x-rays and how your benefits will pay and what your responsibility will be. They even provide payment arrangements.

Since I started going for adjustments, I have been able to sleep better which has given me more energy to be more active and productive. It has provided me with additional mobility, something I did not realize I had lost. My posture has improved and all of this has increased my self-esteem. The doctors report is very informative and helps bring bits and pieces of things I have read, heard and discussed with other doctors, together to make sense of all the information and start to bring it all together for a better understanding of my health.”

Dr. Julie Morris

“I have suffered from back and neck pain for many years. I also carry my stress in my neck and shoulders. The chiropractic has been great for my overall health and the massages have been very helpful with the tightness of the muscles in my back and neck. I no longer have constant achiness in my back, shoulders, and neck. My quality of life has improved greatly because I am not having constant back and neck pain. I have also had lower back issues that have also been relieved. I do recommend people to meet with Dr. Piller to discuss their issues and concerns. Dr. Piller has also been a good source for questions I have about overall health and nutrition. I was not a person who utilized chiropractic or therapeutic massage in the past. It has been a positive experience for me. I know that the chiropractic side of things is very much tied to long term health of my nervous system while the massage, for me, provides me more immediate relief and relaxation while working the muscles that support my spine. Because Dr. Piller and his staff were in my building providing a complimentary massage and a quick wellness screening pertaining to chiropractic, I had an opportunity to discuss my questions and have a more thorough assessment at his office to determine if chiropractic was something I wanted to try. I’m glad I did.”

Wellness Coordinator

“Dr. Piller and his team at Lifestyle Chiropractic are a great resource for the Harlem Wellness Program. Their knowledge and innovative practices along with their commitment to serving others has made them a valuable option for employees to improve their health and wellness.”