Healthcare is Sickcare

Today starts a new way to think of health care… think Chiropractic!

First open your mind to the idea of what health is.. Don’t base your health on how you feel, rather base it on how you are functioning. What are your possiblities of a new Vision of Health? Come to our WOW (Wellness Opportunity Workshop) This Tuesday 5:30pm Dec.27th…RSVP and bring your unhealthy/sick friends or familiy members

In today’s belief system healthcare is only required when you are sick, that’s reactive care, think proactive and learn why your body loses the ability to adapt to the Physical, chemical and emotional stresses so overpowering in today’s society.

We don’t need more pharmaceuticals, Pharmagedon is upon us as more people are dying from prescriptions than car accidents, yet we put undue regulations for our safety yet the FDA is weak at protecting our lives but continues to be funded by Big Pharma, to whom they can’t tell the true story. We can live better / healthier with less poisonous drugs entering our bodies! And so it is…

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